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Opera Naples

"Devilishly clever… satanically spellbinding… fiendishly lovely… a new standard for the company." NAPLES DAILY NEWS​

Concept & Direction: Jeffrey Marc Buchman

Choreographer: Rosa Mercedes

Lighting Designer: Donald Edmund Thomas

Set Design: Jeffrey Marc Buchman

                       Donald Edmund Thomas​

Faust: Anthony Kearns

Marguerite: Lina Tetriani

Mephistopheles: Gary Simpson

Valentin: Luis Ledesma


"His equal here is Jeffrey Marc Buchman, a Luciano Pavarotti voice competition winner who has applied his operatic experience to stage and set direction. Even his details say volumes: Witness the searing scene of bedraggled soldiers limping home from battle, still singing its praises "Gloire immortelle de nos aïeux" and handing a child their sword to raise for the next generation.

His liberal use of the two dancers to interpret temptation and emotion -- not to mention moving a set or two -- is, well, devilishly clever.​"


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