Florida Grand Opera

"A must see for all interested in opera’s future."

Miami Herald

"A once in lifetime experience." 

Florida Theatre On Stage

Director: Jeffrey Marc Buchman

Conductor: Zoe Zeniodi

Co-Musical Director: Michael Sakir

Lighting Designer: Stevie Agnew

Valet: Carlton Ford

Garcin: Casey Finnigan

Inez: Caitlin McKechney

Estelle: Riley Svatos


"Riveting... a highlight of the season."   South Florida Classical Review



"Stage director, Jeffrey Marc Buchman, added a fascinating twist to Vores’ interpretation with the addition of a black and white video camera on a stationary tripod, occasionally capturing images of the passing singers projected on the wall behind them. Having dutifully escorted the three inhabitants to their respective “hell”, the Valet slinks behind the camera for his new full time job as cameraman. With creepy Peeping-Tom voracity, Ford turned the audience into a mass of stunned voyeurs as we uncomfortably witnessed up close (and I do mean very up close) every morbid and sordid confession and interaction of the three. His menacing stalking was like an invading paparazzo daring them to reveal more. The mesmerizing black and white projected images on the wall were like Rod Sperling, Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick made a baby!"


"No doubt, director Jeffrey Marc Buchman took the original name of Sartre’s play to heart, Huis Clos. The original title is the French equivalent of the legal term “in camera,” referring to a private discussion behind closed doors. It was a smart and effective tool that added dimensionality to the staging.  With its ingenious, acrobatic score, and exceptional singers who could handle both the drama and the demands, FGO’s No Exit may have been a depiction of hell, but the production was hot damn perfection. The only regret was that this was a three-day run. If you must, go through heaven and hell to get to the final performance of this production. It’s a once in lifetime experience."

Florida Theatre On Stage



FGO’s No Exit proves an intense and riveting experience.

This one-of-a-kind work requires a smartly staged, whipcrack production and FGO rose to the occasion with an imaginative staging and three riveting principals, all FGO Young Artists, who were undaunted by the score’s awesome demands. Director Jeffrey Marc Buchman turns the lounge’s confined space to advantage, the protagonists’ closeness contributing to their torment. The singers’ faces are projected in distorted fashion on a screen, the valet who escorts them to the room acting as cameraman and insidious, silent manipulator. Prior to the performance, pounding music from the room’s speakers and projections of glaring color and geometric combinations set the claustrophobic atmosphere. "

Miami Herald


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