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National Theatre - Managua, Nicaragua


Director: Jeffrey Marc Buchman

Set Design: Arte y Color​

Cio Cio San: Holly Gash

"All of the details were tied together, projecting the most authentic Japanese tradition, as could be seen in habitual actions such as a characteristic walk, or the way one served tea, folded a napkin, opened a door or crumbled tobacco."
El Nuevo Diario


Opera Naples

Director: Jeffrey Marc Buchman

Set Design: Stivanello​

Count di Luna: Louis Otey

"The effect is so compelling that you find yourself believing its screw turn: that the vengeful gypsy Azucena accidentally threw her own child into a fire and has raised the count’s son who was actually destined for the flames..

High notes:
- The dance work of Rosa Mercedes, who injects a startling, dramatic ghost of Azucena’s own murdered mother at the just the right moments. It’s a brilliant addition to this staging. 

- The chorus of the nuns, who prepare to receive a distraught Leonora as one of their own before she is kidnapped. This is an elegant scene vocally and visually. Its rivals are the courtyard scenes, with their cliques of knife-sharpening soldiers, and the darkly overtoned prison setting."

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